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China to protect Nepal’s sovereignty: Chinese ambassador

December 13, 2008
December 12, 2008
The newly accredited ambassador of China to Nepal H.E. Qiu Guohong said today, December 12, 2008, at a press met held in Kathmandu that “China wants Nepal and India solve the Kalapani dispute amicably”.
Commenting on the recent approach made by Nepal’s Home Minister Bam Dev Gautam seeking Chinese good offices for solving Kalapani dispute between India and Nepal, Ambassador Guohong said that China will look into the matter seriously.
To recall, Kalapani is the tri-junction where Nepal, China and India meet. The Nepali area is illegally occupied by the Indian security forces for over four decades and a half.
“Our support will not be limited to a specific issue but China wants to support Nepal in the overall context”, the Chinese envoy added.
“China is always ready to support Nepal whenever we see that there is threat to Nepal’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity”.
“We fully respect Nepal’s sovereignty however, we will not remain quiet if Nepal is subjected to a threat to its territorial integrity and sovereignty from any quarter,” emphatically said the Ambassador.
“We have ever provided Nepal with the needed support in the past…China wants to see a stable, peaceful and prosperous Nepal”.
“We have become serious in having analyzed the problems Nepal is currently confronting with” said the Chinese ambassador adding, “China looked into Nepal’s internal problems as a problem faced by a good neighbor and that whenever Nepal is in trouble we will extend our help”.
The Chinese envoy nevertheless, also said that there is no “enmity as such between China and India”.
“India is a good friend of China as is Nepal”.
“A peaceful Nepal is in the interest of the entire South Asian region, thus we will continue to support Nepal in the larger interest of the region”.
“I hope that the Chinese interest to see growth of economic and cultural relations between the two countries will be equally supported by the Nepalese regime”.
“During my stay as an Ambassador of China to Nepal, my prime focus will be to increase the Chinese support and along with it “we also want to increase our investment in Nepal”.
The Chinese envoy made these remarks talking to journalists at a press meet organized by the Reporters Club in Kathmandu, December 12, 2008.
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