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China's Media Berates French President Over Tibet Meeting

December 13, 2008

Friday December 12nd, 2008
BEIJING (AFP)--China's state-run media began a stinging attack Friday on French President Nicolas Sarkozy, warning his meeting with Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama may not be forgiven.
"The French president knowingly offended the people he now says he wants to befriend, without showing repentance," the English-language China Daily said in an editorial.
The piece was published after France's ambassador to China held a news conference for Chinese media Thursday in a bid to ease tensions between the two nations, but the China Daily described the attempt as "a failure."
"His words revolved round that single message - the Chinese should not have overreacted," the China Daily said.
"Sounds like things had not gone wrong until the Chinese got fussy. Sarkozy was innocent and beyond reproach.
China was being unreasonable."
"What is the logic here? Shall we apologize?"
The editorial said Chinese people "hate duplicity."
"For the French ambassador's and the president's information, the Chinese are forgiving but not on matters of sovereignty," it said.
China is against any foreign leaders meeting with the Dalai Lama, whom it accuses of seeking independence for Tibet - a claim the Nobel Peace Prize laureate denies, saying he wants meaningful autonomy for the Himalayan region.
The Chinese government had repeatedly warned Sarkozy against meeting the Dalai Lama, and canceled an E.U.-China summit due to take place Dec. 1 in protest at the planned talks, which eventually went ahead Saturday.
In an article on the "wild ambition of the king of the world," the Global Times - controlled by the People's Daily, the mouthpiece of the Communist Party - relayed criticisms of Sarkozy printed in the foreign media.
"He is a poor human-rights defender, and meanwhile, he roused the indignation of the Chinese people," it said.
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