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Plans to Shut Down Schools and Hospitals, Arbitrary Arrests begin in Tibet

December 13, 2008

Tibetan Culture & News Online - London,UK
Friday, December 12 2008 @ 10:13 pm UTC
Dharamshala: The Chinese government has begun executing plans to shut down schools and hospitals and arbitrary arrests of Tibetans in Lhasa and Karze (Ch:Ganzi) County, Karze "Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture," Sichuan province, reliable sources in Tibet reported.
The violent crackdown on Tibetan protesters since 10 March this year in Tibet has left 219 Tibetans dead and 1294 injured as on 31 October.
Around 5,600 people are still under arrest or detention and more than 1000 are reportedly missing.
Demonstrations in Lhasa
According to reliable information received from Tibet, on the morning of 22 November, a group of Tibetans consisting of 4 nuns and an unknown number of youth raised Tibet independence slogans around Bharkor Square in Lhasa. As soon as the protest began, the protesters were severely beaten up and taken into custody by the Chinese police. The identities of the protesters could not be ascertained.
Arbitrary arrests of Tibetans begin in Lhasa
Similarly, since the beginning of November, some Tibetans were arbitrarily picked up from their homes in Lhasa by a joint team of Chinese secret agents and officials of Public Security Bureau. The reason behind those arrests still remains unclear and those arrested continue to remain in protective custody.
Plans to shut down private schools and hospitals in Tibet
Moreover, according to reliable information, the concerned departments in Lhasa has started monitoring private Tibetan schools and the authorities are also planning to shut down many of the schools.
Similarly, the Chinese authorities are keeping close vigil on private schools and small health centers in Karze, Tibet. The campaign aims to hinder those dedicated Tibetans in carrying out welfare projects for the local residents and suspect political motives behind such activities.
On 1 December, reliable sources in Tibet reported about a decree to shut down the most prestigious and recognized educational and health institutions in Karze. These include the hospital and school owned by Khangsar Kyabgyon Tulku and Lamdag Tulku hospital and Karze Intermediary Tibetan language school.
Expressing deep concern and disappointment, parents and other Tibetan residents, both young and old, have voluntary approach the authorities and submitted petitions appealing them not to close schools and hospitals.
Large number armed security forces have kept the whole region under constant surveillance.
Moreover, the authorities convene meetings in every monastic institution under the pretext of preventing peaceful demonstrations by Tibetans. During the meeting, pre-emptive measures are being issued, such as government’s supervision on renovation of monastery complex. All the monks and nuns are ordered not to cause riots, for which they are required to register for a new book.
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