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2007 'Tibet Holy Land Wedding' to hold in Oct

August 24, 2007

by:Zheng Peng 99 new couples from Hong Kong S.A.R, Macau S.A.R and Taiwan will have "Holy Land Wedding" on the "roof of the earth" in October in Tibet.

The 2007 "Tibet Holy Land Wedding" themes as "Sanctity, Eternity, Love" and invites new couples from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan to join the party. The 99 new couples will have the wedding ceremony at the bank of holy lake, Yamzhog Yumco Lake. The wedding ceremony will be proceed according to Tibetan tradition. Lama will chant script to bless them. There will be grant needfire Gordro Dance evening, Tibetan style food and Tibetan singing and dancing, etc. Every couple will be presented with a precious box with drops of holy lake, dust of holy mountain, snow lotus, stone of plateau as the permanent "Holy Land Wedding" memory and bless. They will also send away pigeons at the holy lake and mountain. It's meaningful to them to plant evergreen trees besides Qinghai-Tibet Railway to witness their eternal love.

The 'Holy Land Wedding" will unveil the beauty of Tibet plateau and Tibetan folk custom, which will develop the rich Tibetan culture and boost the exchange among the cross-straits and the three regions in the southeastern China. All Chinese citizens and Hong Kong S.A.R, Macau S.A.R and Taiwan residents with valid passport as well as foreigners are warmly welcomed to join the ceremony.

"Tibet Holy Land Wedding" was held in 2003 for the first time, which was the largest group wedding with the highest altitude. This theme tour activity has been listed as one of the series "Tibet Holy Land Tour" by TAR people's government and will be held once a year in the future.

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