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China scolds Sarkozy over Dalai Lama

December 15, 2008

Tehran Times
December 14, 2008
China's media have launched coordinated attacks on French President Nicolas Sarkozy after he met with Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama.
In an article discussing “the wild ambition of the king of the world”, Global Times described Sarkozy as “a poor human rights defender” who had “roused the indignation of the Chinese people” with the meeting.
Also, the China Daily said in an editorial that the French president knowingly offended the people he now says he wants to befriend, without showing repentance.
The opinion pieces were published after France's ambassador to China held a press conference in Beijing to ease tensions between the two countries. The main Chinese media outlets described the attempt as “a failure.”
Sarkozy met the Dalai Lama at a gathering of Nobel Peace Prize winners in Poland last Saturday, despite Chinese protests. China is opposed to any from of contact between the Tibetan leader and foreign heads of state.
In protest against the meeting, Beijing cancelled an EU-China summit which France - the current holder of the rotating presidency of the European Union - was to host.
Earlier, Chinese Foreign Ministry statements in this regard said that the meeting had “undermined the political foundations of Sino-French and Sino-European ties”.
China, which maintains close trade ties with the Western countries, has frequently accused the US and its European allies of hypocrisy and double-standards over Tibet and human rights issues.
The Dalai Lama seeks a 'meaningful autonomy' for Tibet, which China regards as an inseparable province. The 73-year-old Buddhist critic of Chinese policies has lived in exile since 1959.
(Source: Press TV)
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