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"On my part, I remain committed to the process of dialogue. It is my firm belief that dialogue and a willingness to look with honesty and clarity at the reality of Tibet can lead us to a viable solution."

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December 5, 2007

Freya Putt
Olympics Campaign Coordinator
International Tibet Support Network

Please help show the world how much support Tibet has and set a target
for your organization to reach by December 10th, whether it's 50, 100,
or 1,000 new supporters. Four simple things you can do to help us
involve more people in the campaign are:

* Schedule an email to your membership with an update on the Olympics
campaign and a request or reminder for them to show their support by
joining at (you might want to tell them the
target you've set and ask them to reach out to their friends and family
as well - check the numbers for your country at first so you can measure
the increase).
* Email me ( to get Team Tibet banners/buttons to
place on your website, and the Team Tibet information flyer and sign up
sheet to use at events.
* Add “Support Team Tibet and help make Beijing 2008 a catalyst for
change in Tibet:” below your email signature
so it is included in all your emails.
* Make sure that you and your organization's Board or staff have all
joined as supporters.

December 10th - Global Day of Action

It's Human Rights Day, the meeting of the International Olympic
Committee's Executive Board, and a Global Day of Action for Tibet! Help
highlight Tibet on December 10th and bring pressure to bear on the IOC
as their Executive Board meets in Lausanne, Switzerland from December
10-12. For suggestions of what you can do, please email

Campaign Updates

The Australia Tibet Council will be joining a large number of Tibetans
from Sydney and Melbourne for a convergence in Canberra on December 10th.

Save Tibet Austria plans to organise an information stand in the center
of Vienna on 10th December in order to get passersby to join up as Team
Tibet supporters. Dr. Madeleine Petrovic, former head of the Green Party
and currently head of the Green Party in lower Austria, has agreed to
become a supporter. Members have been writing to Mr. Thomas Bach, the
German member of the International Olympic Committee.

CTC organized a public talk for 9000 people by His Holiness in Ottawa.
It was MC'ed by former Gold medalist at the 1992 Olympics, Mark
Tewksbury, in order to make a connection to the Olympics campaign. Media
attention was massive during the visit and drew attention to the Beijing
games as a focal point for supporting Tibet.

The Tibet Initiative Deutschland has been doing outreach to athletes and
celebrities around Team Tibet. Prominent supporters now include Dieter
Baumann, Gold Medalist at the 1992 Olympics and all members of the
popular German band Wir sind Helden.

Passeport Tibetain has organized a touring play, "Peu Gyalo,"
criticizing the 2008 Games in Beijing and depicting the daily hardships
that the Tibetan people have lived under since occupation.

Tibetan athletes from Italy have joined Team Tibet and are promoting the
campaign in Italy.

On 10 December ICT Europe will have a demonstration in Amsterdam with
TSG Netherlands, focusing on Ronggye Adak and the Olympics. TSG
Netherlands is working with a journalist who has specialized education
focused on the Olympics, and who has made persuasive arguments based on
law and practice in favour of the participation of Team Tibet in 2008.

The Norwegian Tibet Committee has been writing to former medalists, and
has a letter campaign to athletes. They have also obtained a support
letter for Team Tibet from Norwegian MPs.

We recently finished a large conference about human rights and the
Olympics, organized in cooperation with the Polish Parliament (Human
Rights Commission) and International Society for Human Rights, that
raised the Tibetan issue.

The Games of Beijing coalition has been creating photos and videos of
Team Tibet athletes, finding supporters, planning for December 10th in
Lausanne at the IOC headquarters, and doing outreach to notable
supporters (we now have the support of Oliver Stone!). Their new Team
Tibet store is also now up at: .

Pasadena, California
Los Angeles Friends of Tibet and other human rights groups have been
protesting the inclusion of an official Beijing 2008 Olympics float in
the annual Rose Bowl Parade, to be held January 1, 2008, for months.
After much media attention and much controversy within the Pasadena city
government, it is now likely that the groups will be allowed to have a
procession in support of human rights right before the parade.

US Tibet Committee
USTC sent letters to over 100 UN member states about the Olympic Truce
Resolution at the UN. On the day that it was introduced, October 31st,
we held a small rally in front of the UN in New York that was small but
loud; in fact, a few European tourists said they heard us inside the UN.
USTC is also writing to individuals and athletes about what they can do
at Beijing 2008.

Team Tibet athletes from Italy, Switzerland, and the UK spoke at the
European Parliamentarian Conference on Tibet in Brussels, convened by
the Tibet Intergroup. The aspirations of Team Tibet received a very
positive response from those in the room.
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