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Why not choose to be optimistic today

January 6, 2009

January 5, 12:17 AM
by Leon Logothetis, Adventures of a Nobody Examiner
“Choose to be optimistic. It feels better.”
The Dalai Lama
I must admit to spending a fair amount of my time mired with a pessimistic outlook on life. If something pops up that has the chance of going wrong I will inevitably latch on to the negative. Why do I do this? Why do I choose the path of destructive thinking when I can live a simpler more inspiring life concentrating on the positive?
The quote that I have chosen today has real meaning for me as I first heard it on my recent trip around Europe on 5 Euros a day (
I found myself in Berlin and stumbled across an army of people who had just finished listening to the visiting Dalai Lama. I was fortunate enough to bump into one of the Dalai Lamas students who had studied with him in Dharamsala India (
I had had a very tough day (or so I kept telling myself!) and at the time did not have a place to sleep or much hope that things were going to get any better. I had been complaining all day and was no doubt pissing off my crew and anyone who I bumped into.
It seems that my approach to life did not go unnoticed by this gentleman and he recounted the following saying from the Dalai Lama himself:
‘Choose to be Optimistic Leon. It feels better.’
It’s simplicity struck me silent. I realized that such a straightforward saying, if utilized on a daily basis really could revolutionize my outlook on life.
How can you argue with the fact that being optimistic actually feels better than being pessimistic? I challenge you to be the optimist that the Dalai Lama suggests and see the difference it can have on your life.
Believe it or not but I bet that it makes you feel better…
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