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Finding No Poverty For a World Without Violence in Italy

December 10, 2007

Friday, 7 December 2007

His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Mikhail Gorbachev, Lech Walesa, Muhammad
Yunus and other Nobel Peace laureates gather in Italy

Dharamshala:  A battery of Nobel Peace laureates including His Holiness
the Dalai Lama, Mikhail Gorbachev, Lech Walesa, Muhammad Yunus and
Mairead Corrigan together with renowned human rights activist Kerry
Kennedy and Bob Gedolf gather in Italy next week to examine ways to
create a world without poverty and violence. The summit will approve a
Charter for the world without violence.

His Holiness arrived in Milan, Italy on Wednesday for a 11-day visit. On
his arrival at the airport, His Holiness was welcomed by Thomthog
Rinpoche, Ugo Papi and Representative Kelsang Gyaltsen.

On 6 December, His Holiness gave interviews to 5 television journalists
and met with top six print media journalists in Italy.

His Holiness is also scheduled to meet with the President of the
Province of Milan and later with H E Cardinal Dionigi Tettamanzi of
Milan at Arcivescovado di Milano.

On his arrival in regional office of Lombard, His Holiness will be
accorded an official welcome reception by the regions' president Hon
Roberto Formigoni.

Later, His Holiness will also confer a two-day teaching on Nagarjuna's
commentary on Boddhicitta (Jangchup Semdrel).

On the next day, the mayor of the town of Cologno Monzese will confer
the honorary citizenship to His Holiness. Later that day, His Holiness
will give Avalokiteshwara Initiation and a public talk on "The Way
toward Inner Peace and Non-violence".

His Holiness is scheduled to visit Udine Castle and meet with the local
leaders and officials. The meeting will begin with an introductory
address by Don Pierlugi, followed by speeches by Dr Cernetig, local
representative of the government, Dott Riccardo Illy, president of
Fruili Council, Prof Sergio Cecotti, mayor of Udine. His Holiness will
deliver a key-note address at the end.

Later in the afternoon, His Holiness will attend the celebration of
International Human Rights Day and the 18th Anniversary of Nobel Peace
Prize conferred to him. Geshe Phende of Jangchub Choeling will give the
opening remarks at the ceremony. Other speakers include Dan Pierluigi Di
Piazza of Ernesto Balducci, Plinio Beneddetti of Jangchub Choeling and
representative of the Italian based Tibetan community Thubten Tenzin.
His Holiness will deliver the concluding address followed by a question
and answer session.

Later that day, His Holiness will take part in inter-religious meeting
at Palasport. With an introductory address by Don Pierluigi, Archbishop
of Udine will deliver the welcome speech. It will be followed by
speeches by His Holiness, Cardinal Patriarch of Venice, Dott Elia
Richetti, Chief Rabbi of Venice and Salech Ibaria, president of the
Islamic Centre of Triesta.

His Holiness will visit the University of Udine and deliver a key-note
address on "Ethics and Education" to selected students of secondary
school and students of Udine University. The chancellor of the
University Prof Furio Honsell will make the welcome address.

Later, His Holiness will attend the consecration ceremony of a newly
built temple (1000 Buddha Statue) and a stupa followed by short teaching
on the 7th Dalai Lama's "Tamding Drenpa Shiden". His Holiness will later
fly to the Capital Rome.

In Rome, His Holiness will attend the Peace Summit Award 2007-a ceremony
for Hollywood actor George Clooney at Gulio Cesare Hall. The ceremony
will open with an address by the president of the Chamber of Deputies of
Italian Republic Mr Fausto Bertinotti, followed by an introductory
statement by Co-Chairman of Summit Walter Veltroni and Mikhail
Gorbachev. His Holiness will deliver a key-note address on "The Next
Generations: Is it possible a future without violence".

His Holiness will deliver a lecture on "Ethics of the New Millennium",
followed by question and answer session. In the afternoon session, His
Holiness will attend the musical homahe at Italian Parliament. The
Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee will give the introductory speech
followed by an address by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

On his arrival in Turin, His Holiness will be welcomed by Mr Gariglio,
President of the Regional Council and Mrs Spinosa and Mr Leo,
coordinators of "Association of Commons, provinces and Regions for
Tibet", Mr Sergio Chiamparino, Mayor of Turin and Mr Guiseppe
Castronovo, President of the City Council. Next day, His Holiness will
meet with the press and deliver a public talk. His Holiness will also
meet with the main regional authorities and the official representatives
of the "association of commons, Provinces and regions for Tibet".

Later, His Holiness will meet with the mayor of Turin along with the
main authorities of the town, followed by official ceremony to confer
His Holiness with the "freedom of the city of Turin" award.

His Holiness will leave Italy for Delhi on 17 December.
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