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Tibet Welcomes First TD-SCDMA Base Station In Lhasa

January 25, 2009
Beijing, January 23, 2009 - Communication on China's new 3G network can now make it to the roof of the world, as China Mobile Tibet branch has announced that its first TD-SCDMA trial base station in Tibet has been opened in Lhasa and the first TD-SCDMA mobile phone call in the history of Tibet was made this week.
According to the unified deployment plan of China Mobile Group, the China Mobile Tibet branch has been committed to the TD-SCDMA network construction for many months and has made a detailed construction plan for the TD-SCDMA development. At 14:00 on January 17, 2009, Tibet's TD-SCDMA trial base station was completed and opened, and the first TD-SCDMA mobile phone call in Tibet was made at the same time, though the content of that call has not been divulged. In addition, other mobile functions like video calls and short messages all passed their respective technical tests, making it soon possible for Tibetans and visitors to use all manner of multimedia in their phone communications.
This TD-SCDMA base station is an important milestone in Tibet's mobile communications development history, and it formally marks Tibet's entry into the 3G age.
China Mobile Tibet branch says that via the existing TD-SCDMA plan, the company will finish the follow-up network construction work and focus on the upgrade of core networks while completing the construction of TD-SCDMA base stations to provide a better support to the 3G data services in Tibet.
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