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"Canada can, within a positive friendly atmosphere, ask the Chinese government to resolve the Tibetan situation."

British Prime Minister urged to raise Tibet issue with Chinese Premier

February 2, 2009

LONDON, 29 January: Following the announcement in the official Chinese
media of Premier Wen Jiabao╒s coming visit to the UK to hold talks with
Prime Minister Gordon Brown about ╥enhancing bilateral financial
cooperation╙, the Office of Tibet in London has written to the British
Prime Minister to also take the opportunity to discuss ╥the humane issue
of Tibet╙.

The Chinese Premier is reportedly visiting the UK from 31 January to 2

In a letter faxed to the Prime Minister on 27 January, Mr. Tsering
Tashi, Representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama for Northern
Europe, Poland and the Baltic Countries, urged Britain to ╥take the high
moral ground by giving due priority to human lives and rights in Tibet
and China over temporary economic gains╙. Expressing deep concern for
the situation in Tibet, Mr. Tashi among other things, urged the Prime
Minister to ╥effectively persuade the Chinese Premier to end the brutal
treatment of the Tibetans inside Tibet╙ and to encourage resumption of
the Sino-Tibetan dialogue to resolve the Tibet issue╙.?╩

?The London Office of Tibet has also written yesterday to the
Conservative Party leader Mr. David Cameron and the Liberal Democrat
leader Mr. Nick Clegg to add their voice in urging the Prime Minister to
raise the Tibet issue bearing in mind Britain╒s moral and historical
responsibility to do so. Besides Prime Minister Brown, both these
leaders also met His Holiness last May and expressed their support for
the Tibetan leader╒s Middle-Way Approach to resolve the Tibet issue.?╩

?In his letter to the Prime Minister, the Chairman of the All Party
Parliamentary Group for Tibet, Mr. Harry Cohen, said, ╥There has been
evident failure to make progress in the spasmodic talks between the
Chinese authorities and representatives of the Dalai Lama. This is the
fault of the Chinese. They have taken a hard line against any form of
autonomy, which as you know is the UK Government╒s policy for resolution
of the dispute. Premier Wen should be urged to give serious impetus to
the Sino-Tibetan dialogue to bring about a just agreement╙.?╩?

The London Office of Tibet has followed its letter to the British
leadership by sending to them and others in the region the statement of
appeal issued yesterday by the Kashag (Tibetan cabinet) on the re-launch
of Chinese government╒s ╥strike hard╙ campaign in Tibet that is
purportedly aimed to silence any Tibetan dissent. The appeal urged the
Chinese authorities to immediately call-off the ╥strike hard╙ campaign
and put an end to their hard-line policies in Tibet and called upon
parliaments, governments and individuals around the world to actively
speak up for Tibet.?╩

?Issued by: The Office of Tibet, London
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