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Dalai Lama thanks home for 50 years

April 2, 2009

By Namgyal Kunga
April 1, 2009

New Delhi April 1 -- His Holiness the Dalai lama
visited various religious sites here in the
Indian capital and prayed with members from other
religious faiths yesterday on the 50th
anniversary of his setting foot on the Indian
soil which was commemorated by the exile Tibetan
government as “thank you India day”.

The 73 year old Tibetan leader says promotion of
religious harmony among various faiths is one of his three commitments of life.

The Tibetan leader spoke at a press conference
attended by reporters from various national and
international media. He asked the media persons
to visit the restive Himalayan region themselves
to find out the real situation. He said if
unbiased reporting found Tibetans in Tibet to be
truly happy under Chinese rule he would abandon
his quest for greater autonomy. "If you really
see that things are good, we will drop our struggle."

His Holiness later attended the "thank you India"
event at Federation of Indian Chambers of
Commerce and Industry. Thousands gathered at
FICCI to listen to the revered Tibetan leader who
likes to describe himself as a simple Buddhist
monk. Presiding over the function as the chief
Guest was Shri Rabi Ray, former speaker of Lok
Sabha and union minister. Others present at the
event include Dr. N.K Trikha, convenor of core
group for Tibetan cause, Kalon Tripa Samdhong
Rinpoche, and Kalon Tempa Tsering.

Speaking about India at the event, His Holiness
said, "I always describe our relation as guru
(teacher) and chela (disciple),so sometimes I
jokingly tell my Indian friends when chela facing
difficulties, guru has some more responsibilities
to take care, so for the last 50 years years’
experience I think guru really take serious, sincere, care of us."

"Thank you," he said with his palms touched against each other.

In an exclusive interview that was broadcast on
the Indian national television channel
Doordarshan, the Tibetan leader said India should
take more active role in spreading the message of
peace and non violence which have been
traditionally rooted in the Indian culture.

The event concluded with the screening of a music
video produced by the Tibetan Institute of
Performing Arts on the occasion to thank the people and government of India.
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