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PRESS RELEASE: China arrests two nuns of Dragkar Nunnery in Kardze

April 5, 2009

China arrests two nuns of Dragkar Nunnery in Kardze
Dated: 3 April 2009

Chinese security forces in Kardze County (Ch:
Ganzi), Sichuan Province, has severely beaten and
arrested two nuns of Dragkar nunnery for shouting
slogans, according to information received by the
Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD) from reliable sources.

Two nuns, Yangkyi Dolma and Sonam Yangchen, of
Dragkar Nunnery in Kardze County, Kardze (Ch:
Ganzi)"Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture"("TAP"),
Sichuan Province, staged a peaceful protest at
the Kardze County main market square on 24 March
2009. The protest was staged at around 3 PM
(Beijing Standard time) at Kardze County shouting
slogans calling for"swift return of the Dalai
Lama to Tibet,""human rights for Tibetans in
Tibet," and"religious freedom in Tibet."

According to sources, Yangkyi Dolma distributed
handful of handwritten pamphlets during the short
protest. The Chinese People's Armed Police (PAP)
immediately detained both the Tibetan nuns from
the site of protest and beaten indiscriminately
with rods and electric batons before being thrown
into and driven away in a security vehicle.
Following the incident, at around 7 PM in the
evening, a group of security forces stormed into
Yangkyi's family home ransacking the portrait of
the Dalai Lama and rebuked the family members for
being the supporter of separatist forces. Early
next morning (on 25 March), two Chinese security
forces arrived at Yangkyi's home and told his
brother Tsangyang Gyatso to report at the Kardze
County government headquarters. There has been no
information on what ensued after that incident.

Yangkyi Dolma was born to Hormeytsang Dargay
(father) and Pema Khando(mother) in Roltsa
Township, Kardze County, Kardze"TAP"Sichuan Province.

Apart from sporadic incidents of small protests
in the past few months, a major civil
disobedience movement is taking a firm root in
Kardze with farmers continue to boycott tilling
their farmland to protest against the Chinese
repressive measures in Tibet. According to other
sources, the local Chinese authorities in Drango
County, Kardze "TAP" have given ultimatum to the
Tibetan farmers to till their farmland before 11
April or their farmland be confiscated by the government.

Since March 10, around 28 known incidents of
protests were reported from Kardze "TAP" with the
arrest of around 60 known Tibetans with many
incidents of protests and arrests unaccounted for
due to severe restriction put on the flow of
information from Tibet to the outside world.

TCHRD strongly condemns the arbitrary arrest of
Yangkyi Dolma and Sonam Yangchen for their
peaceful exercise of the fundamental human rights
of freedom of expression, though and opinion
enshrined in the Chinese constitution and in the
Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Centre
calls upon the government of the People's
Republic of China (PRC) to immediately stop using
excessive force against unarmed protesters.

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