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"As long as human rights are violated, there can be no foundation for peace. How can peace grow where speaking the truth is itself a crime?"

Thanks from Archbishop Tutu to All Tibet Supporters

April 7, 2009

Tibet Space blog
April 4, 2009

To all of you who responded to my posting of 24
March, and signed the letter protesting the South
African action against the Dalai Lama, Archbishop Tutu has thanked you:

Keep it up. You are the people who make freedom happen.

It warms my heart to see so many of my fellow
Nobel Laureates, stars, leaders, and people from
around the world put their signature on paper, so
to speak, to stand behind our friend the Dalai Lama.

We have just seen a shameful example of South
African leaders becoming timid in the face of
Chinese 'might' and their own economic interests,
and refusing this incredible, peaceful being
entry to our county --for a peace conference!

It's an embarrassment that this could happen in a
country that has known how dark life can be when
your human rights are being smashed. And we, of
all people, know what it means when someone in
another part of the world stands up for your rights and freedom.

So it's a joyful thing, to turn around and see
you -- people from all countries, from all walks
of life, who are willing to step forward, put
their name down, and say 'wait a minute, I object to this mistreatment!'

It lets me know, once again, that good will ultimately prevail in this world.

Keep it up. You are the people who make freedom happen.

Mary Wald writes further about these issues on
The Huffington Post.  She includes comments from
Archbishop Tutu as well that she recently
received in an email correspondence with him.

The letter is still open for signatures at  If you haven't signed yet,
and you feel inclined to add your voice to the
mix, stop by and do so; also send the link to
your friends who might be interested.

rAs I mentioned in my last posting, these kinds
of off-the-radar actions are extremely important,
and even, in my opinion, the driving forces
behind political change in the new technological
era (witness the Obama campaign).  Here's what I
said (and pardon the egocentricity of self-quotation):

But we can do something off the radar, something
in fact, more powerful, more fundamental, and
more effective than many of those who are on the
radar, under constant scrutiny, can do.  We can
transform the fundamental ground of consciousness
that in the long run will make the change we envision inevitable.

I mean, we recently signed a letter of protest
regarding South Africa's treatment of the Dalai
Lama, and within several days, we've got a
response in our inboxes from Archbishop Desmond
Tutu, thanking us for our commitment.

You're probably thinking what I'm thinking . . .
we're having an effect, anonymously,
off-the-radar, working the ground of consciousness.

Thanks for your help.
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