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Havel's human rights text was to be read at Prague summit - Press

April 9, 2009

Ceske Noviny (Czech Republic)
April 8, 2009

Prague - A declaration in support of human rights
in which former Czech president Vaclav Havel
stresses the United States and EU's resolve to
monitor the situation in Russia and China was to
be read at last weekend's EU-U.S. summit in
Prague, daily Hospodarske noviny (HN) writes.

The Czech government that initiated the test
eventually decided not to submit the declaration to the statesmen, HN writes.

The declaration was written by Havel, a
recognised symbol of the struggle for democracy
and human rights in the world, on the order of
the Czech EU presidency, HN adds.

He was allegedly asked for it by outgoing deputy
prime minister for EU affairs Alexandr Vondra, HN writes.

HN has the document at its disposal.

It says the EU and the United States are resolved
to thoroughly monitor the current situation in
China, including its relationship to Tibet, in
the Russian Federation, in Belarus, Burma, Iran,
North Korea, Cuba, Sudan and other countries, in
which many freedom-loving and honest people
suffer for their opinions, Havel writes in the
document that HN has at its disposal.

The EU and the United States fundamentally reject
indifference because they have been sufficiently
taught by modern history that indifference and
concessions are the best road to the victory of the evil, the declaration says.

"I asked Vaclav Havel whether he could revive,
write the declaration. I tested it in the White
House, but it showed that it would have to
undergo the approving procedure in Congress.
Besides, the (Czech) government in resignation
cannot do too much any more," Vondra told HN.

The Czech government resigned in late March half
way through the EU presidency after the Chamber
of Deputies voted no confidence in it. The motion
was initiated by the opposition Social Democrats
and it was supported by four government coalition
deputies besides the opposition.

Vondra said Havel and the EU's cooperation in human rights has a long history.

The effort to revive it during the EU Czech
presidency would have only followed up the old
idea which European Commission President Jose
Manuel Barroso proposed to Havel a few years ago, Vondra said.

HN writes it failed to secure Havel's fresh
reaction. His secretary Martin Vidlak only
confirmed the existence of the document for the EU-U.S. summit.

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