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Supporters of Dalai Lama publish world map showing independent Tibet, combined state of Mongolia

December 22, 2007

Mongolia Web News, Mongolia
Thursday, 20 December 2007

Supporters of the Dalai Lama have published a new world map guaranteed
to arouse a hostile reception in China.

For not only does the map show Tibet as an independent country, but also
includes a combined nation of Mongolia and China’s Inner Mongolia.

Rohit Singh of the Friends of Tibet Campaign noted during the unveiling
of the map, "A country is identified by its boundaries and presence on
the political map. Tibet was an independent country until China occupied
it and diminished it from face of world atlases. This initiative is for
reestablishing Tibet on the world map, to focus on the aspect of its
position, its importance and its existence which China is out to destroy."

Additionally, the new world map illustrates Turkistan, and Manchuria as
separate countries along side China.
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