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TYC, international rights group condemn death sentences on Tibetans

April 12, 2009

April 10, 2009

Dharamsala, April 10 -- Wednesday’s death
sentence on two Tibetans by a Chinese court is
being condemned worldwide by Tibetans and human rights groups.

Tibetan Youth Congress, the largest
pro-independence group of the exile Tibetan
community, called the verdicts "partial" and
accused China of abusing the judiciary system.

The Amnesty International also condemned the
death sentences saying China's Supreme People’s
Court will have to review the death sentences, as
it does in all death penalty cases. "We have
recorded a pattern of unfair trials leading to
death sentences in China. Under these conditions
it's very unlikely that these sentences stand up.
We urge the death sentences to be overturned",
said Sam Zarifi, Amnesty International’s Asia Pacific Director.

Tibetan Youth Congress said it "condemns the
highly biased and politically motivated verdict
of the court and the judiciary system of China
which purposely serves to meet the demands and
wishes of the Chinese Communist Government and its policies.”

The Tibetan NGO said the verdicts further
"underline the Chinese communist government's
fifty years of disparaging occupation of Tibet
and its fatal ongoing policy of destroying the
Tibetans as a race, culture and people."

The Tibetan Youth Congress say the Tibetans were
not provided legal rights of being represented by
lawyers of their choice. It said China should try
the Tibetans in a "fair court with attorney of
the defendant's choice and representatives either
from independent human rights monitoring organizations or the United nations".

According to Amnesty International research China
carried out at least 1,718 executions in 2008 and
sentenced 7,003 people to death.

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