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CTA Concerned About Death Sentence to Two Tibetans

April 12, 2009

April 9, 2009

Urges Release of All Political Prisoners

The Kashag of the Central Tibetan Administration
is deeply concerned that two Tibetans have been
sentenced to death and two others have been given
suspended death sentences with two-year reprieve.
The Kashag's concern on this kind of arbitrary
sentences meted out to Tibetans is exacerbated by
the fact that there is no due process of law and
the courts in the People's Republic of China are
political instruments of the authorities.

Ever since the massive arrests that took place
during the repression that followed to crush the
protests which erupted throughout Tibet last
year, the Kashag appealed to the PRC authorities
to release all political prisoners and to provide
them with proper medical treatment. The Kashag
once again urges the Chinese authorities to free
all Tibetan prisoners of conscience.

The Kashag believes that the China's massive and
continued repression of Tibetans is fuelling even
deeper resentment. In view of this the Kashag
believes that the best way to resolve the issue
of Tibet is to address the just concerns of the
Tibetan people based on honesty and sincerity.

The Kashag
9 April 2009

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