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Tibetan Envoy Meets UK Government Officials, Experts in London

April 12, 2009

Tibet Custom
April 10 2009

London -- His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s Envoy for
Europe, Mr Kelsang Gyaltsen, left here Wednesday
evening for Switzerland after describing his
two-day official and unofficial meetings and
other engagements arranged by the Office of Tibet as “very productive”.

Mr. Gyaltsen, who is based in Switzerland, had
useful meetings with British government officials
to discuss in detail the current sad situation in
Tibet under the repressive rule of the Chinese
authorities and also updated them on the present
position of the Sino-Tibetan dialogue to resolve
the Tibet issue. He was assured of the UK
government’s continued concern and support for
human rights and a meaningful resolution to the
Tibetan problem. The officials also found the
Tibetan envoy’s presentation informative and
helpful. Envoy Kelsang Gyaltsen was accompanied
at these meetings by Mr. Tsering Tashi, the
London-based Representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Another noteworthy engagement of the Tibetan
envoy included a discussion session at London’s
Chatham House or the Royal Institute of
International Affairs, considered a world-leading
institute for the debate and analysis of
international issues. Mr. Gyaltsen, who is one of
the two envoys of His Holiness the Dalai Lama
engaged in conducting talks with representatives
of the Chinese government, spoke there on the
status of Sino-Tibetan dialogue and current
situation in Tibet. He later engaged in free and
frank discussion with experts specializing in
Tibetan and other international affairs.

Separately addressing a group of Chinese and
other reporters, including those from the
Reuters, the Times and the Guardian, Mr. Gyaltsen
while describing the prevailing situation in
Tibet as “an undeclared martial law” said China’s
growing economic and political clout makes it all
the more important for the international
community and the European Union to feel more
concerned for the human rights situation in China and Tibet.

Replying to a reporter’s question on the
resumption of the talks with Beijing, he said as
soon as a clear and positive signal comes from
the Chinese government, the Tibetan side is ready
for the talks “anytime and anywhere”. Mr.
Gyaltsen said following the rejection of the
“Memorandum on Genuine Autonomy for the Tibetan
People”, the Chinese government should come up
with their own suggestions so as to seriously
address the Tibetan problem, which,
demonstrations since last March that took place
in various parts of Tibet clearly showed to the
world how much the Tibetans long for their freedom and basic rights.

He expressed concern for the plight of the
Tibetans inside Tibet and said that if the
Chinese authorities do not have anything to hide,
then they should open up Tibet so that
international observers and journalists are
allowed to freely move around and talk directly
to the Tibetan people to access the true situation.

He said because of the advancement in modern
technology and regular flow of information it is
difficult for the Chinese government to hide the
truth even from their own people. He said the
Chinese people’s interest in Tibetan Buddhism and
show of concern for the just cause of Tibet is
growing and that Chinese intellectuals have even
issued public statements in support for His
Holiness’ non-violent approach and lawyers have
come up to take cases of Tibetan prisoners of conscience.

During his brief visit to London, Envoy Kelsang
Gyaltsen also enjoyed the separate meeting and
interactive sessions that the Office of Tibet had
arranged with Chinese, representative of various
Tibet support groups and members of Tibetan
Community in Britain – all of whom valued the
opportunity to hear the Tibetan envoy and his
willingness to respond to their questions, which,
he did with remarkable depth and clarity. The
Tibetan envoy last had a fruitful visit to London in October 2008.

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