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Tibetans protest outside Chinese embassy in India

April 15, 2009

Associated Press
April 14, 2009

NEW DELHI (AP) -- Nine Tibetan students were
detained by police Monday after they stripped and
chained themselves to barbed wire fencing outside
the Chinese Embassy to protest the sentencing to
death of two Tibetans by a Chinese court, police said.

Police used wire cutters to remove the chains,
bundled the protesters in their underwear into
vans and whisked them away. They would likely be
produced in a New Delhi court later Monday, said
a police officer, speaking on condition of
anonymity as she was not authorized to talk to reporters.

Organizers said that 10 Tibetan students
participated in the protest, but police only
detained nine. It was unclear what happened to the other protester.

Tibetan exiles have stepped up demonstrations
since last month, observing the 50th anniversary
of Beijing's crushing of a Tibetan uprising that
led to the Dalai Lama's flight into exile in the
northern Indian town of Dharmsala.

The students Monday were protesting a Chinese
court ruling earlier this month that handed down
death sentences to two Tibetans accused of
starting deadly fires in last year's
anti-government riots in Tibet. It was the first
report of death sentences given out for the deadly riots.

"There is an immense crackdown and brutality
being imposed on the Tibetan people inside Tibet.
We have lost everything, our home, family,
friends, relatives and even our basic rights to
live as human beings," said Dorjee Tsetan, a
Tibetan student who participated in Monday's protest.

Another student, Rabgyal Tsering, said his
parents were arrested and imprisoned last year in
Tibet for participating in a peaceful protest and
did not know their present condition.

"I came here to ask the Chinese government to
release my parents and all other innocent
Tibetans who were unjustifiably imprisoned for
expressing their sufferings," he said in a statement.

Organizers said in a statement that the students
stripped to protest "the ongoing repression in
Tibet and to show their solidarity to the Tibetans inside Tibet."

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