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China on road-building spree in Tibet

April 15, 2009

Tibetan Review
April 14, 2009

China said it will spend 6 billionn yuan this
year to complete ongoing or start new road
building projects in the Tibet Autonomous Region
(TAR). The investment would constitute 34 percent
year-on-year increase and take up 25 percent of
the year’s total investment from central
government around the TAR, reported China’s
online Tibet news service Apr 12.

It said 2.417 billion yuan of the 8.187 billion
yuan earmarked for 19 continuing projects
involving 2,141 kilometres will be applied this year.

In addition, the report said, 23 new projects
will be launched involving 2,437 kilometres of
road. The budget for this is 10.69 billion yuan,
with 3.3 billion yuan being applied this year.

The major project includes completing a 117.248
kilometres road to Medog County before the end of
the 11th "Five-Year-Plan" and building the
Lhasa-Gonggar Airport expressway as a class 1 road.

Besides, 250 million yuan will be invested to
build nine county-to-county roads, totalling
1,045 kilometres, the report added.

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