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Nearly 20,000 Shigatse households destined for socialist villages

April 16, 2009

Tibetan Review
April 15, 2009

  A total of 19,042 rural households in Xigaze
Prefecture of Tibet Autonomous Region will be
moved into new socialist village homes this year,
reported China’s online Tibet news service Apr 13. The controversial project
has been questioned by human rights and exile
Tibetan groups for heavily debt-burdening Tibetan farmers.

The project, compulsorily enforced among rural
Tibetans, is designed to be pleasing to the eyes
of foreign visitors but the houses are said to be
of poor quality and lacking in basic amenities.

The project is also said to be designed to
exercise better control over the rural Tibetans.
Indeed, the report said 751 village committees
will be set up among rural areas in the prefecture.

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