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Tibetan Communities in New Zealand and Australia Conclude 4th Tibetan Conference

April 17, 2009

April 16 2009

Canberra -- The Tibetan communities based in
Australia and New Zealand held their fourth
Tibetan conference at Dee Why, Sydney, from 11 -
13 April, as a part of an event to commemorate 50 years in exile.

The conference also called for urgent action
towards repealing of death sentences meted out to
four Tibetans by a Chinese court in Tibet's
capital Lhasa, for their alleged involvement in
the protests in March 2008. A formal letter of
condemnation signed by presidents of the various
regional Tibetan communities of Australia and New
Zealand was sent to the Chinese Embassy in
Australia. A press release was also sent out
urging in particular the Government of Australia
and New Zealand to "condemn the Chinese
authorities for the gross human rights
violations" in Tibet and to demand for a free and
fair trail to all those who are detained in Tibet.

A special prayer led by Tibetan monks and members
of Tibetan communities was held to secure
reversal of sentences and for well being of those
who are still suffering repression in Tibet.

The conference witnessed the gathering of around
300 Tibetans residing across the continent of
Australia and New Zealand. As part of the agenda,
the presidents of Tibetan communities read out
their annual reports and discussed the agenda.

On the second day of conference, a special
reception called "THANK YOU AUSTRALIA" was held
to honour all Tibet Support Groups including the
Australian chapter of the International
Commission of Jurist, the body that raised
pioneering legal voice to the plight of the
Tibetans in the early days of exile in 1959 and
onwards. The other Tibet support groups and
dignitaries present were Tibet Friendship Group,
Australian Tibetan Society, Australian Tibet
Council, Han-Tibetan Association, Freedom 4
Tibet, Mr. Bread Hazzard, MP and Dr. Christena
Kirshch, council from Warringah and some members
from the local government. The delegates were
offered with Khatak-(Tibetan traditional scarf)
and a book by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, along
with Rangtsen Thakpa (knitted black & white wrist
band) as an appreciation for their untiring
support towards Tibetans and Tibet cause. A group
of Tibetan primary schoolchildren dressed in
traditional Tibetan costumes sang both the
Tibetan and Australian national anthem.

The Representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama
in Canberra, Mr. Tenzin P Atisha, in his opening
speech thanked the government and people of
Australia and the Tibet support groups including
All Party Parliamentary Group for Tibet for their
significant contribution towards Tibetan
community in exile and for raising Tibet's issue
not only in Australia but also internationally.

A separate gathering of Tibetan youths was held
with the aim to allow them to brainstorm ways to
preserve and promote Tibetan language and
culture. They also discussed about networking
among Tibetan youth worldwide and also with
Chinese and Australian youth studying at their
schools, colleges, and universities to educate them on Tibet's issue.

On a whole, the three days conference was a great
success and an interactive one. The president of
Tibetan community in Australia, New South Wales,
Mr. Tenzin Gaden and his team did an excellent
job in arranging this conference.

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