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Tibetan Deputy Speaker to attend conference on ‘Democracy and Tibet’ in Italy

April 17, 2009

Northern Voices Online (India)
April 15, 2009

Dharamshala -- At the invitation of the regional
assembly of Piemonte in Italy, Association of
Borough Councils, Provinces, Regions for Tibet,
the deputy of Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile, Mrs
Dolma Gyari, will participate in a three-day
biennial conference on democracy in capital Turin, beginning 22 April.

The deputy speaker will leave New Delhi for Turin via Munich on 21 April.

The conference known as "Democracy Biennial,"
would feature a series of lectures, conferences,
debates and seminars, which aim to deepen and promote democratic culture.

Considering the importance of the event, the
organisers have sent over 100,000 printed invitations.

Given the impact of this event, the Association
of Borough Councils, Provinces and Regions for
Tibet decided to hold a public meeting on
“Democracy and human rights: the case of Tibet"
as part of the conference on 24 April.

"Our aim to discuss the themes of democracy and
respect for human rights in the world by
analysing the situation in Tibet, a country which
remains a model of non-violent approach aimed at
securing recognition of its own national identity," the organisers said.

"For this reason, we feel that it is important
that a person in authority and with
responsibility should represent the official
position of the Central Tibetan Administration
and of His Holiness the Dalai Lama," they said.

They expressed their hope that the presence of
the deputy speaker of the Tibetan Parliament in
exile would create an opportunity to organise
other public meetings, where awareness of the
Tibetan situation could be promoted.

During the visit, the deputy speaker will attend
the opening ceremony of the conference in Regio
theatre, which will be presided over by Italy’s
president, Mr Giorgio Napolitano, on 22 April.

Later in the evening, Mrs Gyari will speak on
"Tibet: A People in Exile" in Cirie near Turin.

On 24 April, Mrs Gyari will deliver her key-note
address on "Democracy and human rights: the case of Tibet."

Mrs Gyari will attend a press conference in Salemi near Palermo, on 25 April.

Mrs Gyari will also visit capital Rome from 27 -
28 April, at the invitation of Inter
Parliamentary Group on Tibet, Italy and
Nonviolent Radical Party, Transnational and
Transparty.  She will meet Italian parliamentarians and other officials.

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