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Several injured in Machu clash between Tibetans and Chinese soldiers

April 17, 2009

Tibetan Review
April 16, 2009

Several people were injured near Serma monastery
in Machu County of Gansu Province on Apr 9 when a
large crowd of local Tibetans clashed with about
100 Chinese soldiers. Oslo-based Voice of Tibet
radio service reported Apr 13 that the incident
took place during the monastery’s annual
religious dance festival. The clash involved a
large crowd of Tibetans gathered for the festival
from surrounding villages and monasteries and
about 100 Chinese soldiers, although it had
nothing to do with the monastery or the festival.

The report said the trouble began when Chinese
soldiers began harassing local Tibetans in the
market. The immediate provocation was the
soldiers’ ransacking of a billiard hall and their
beating up there of a Tibetan found with a fox
skin, along with his two companions, following an argument.

When the news of the beating spread, a large
crowd of Tibetan gathered at the spot. The
soldiers tried to disperse it by using batons,
only to provoke retaliation from Tibetans who
hurled stones at them. The report said the
injured included people on both the sides.

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