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Today in History: 1959 Dalai Lama Reaches Exile (IHT)

April 22, 2009

From NYT

MUSSOORIE The Dalai Lama today [April 21] arrived at his new residence
in exile just 75 miles south of the snow-covered Himalayan border of
Tibet. The Tibetan God-King ended his trip by foot, donkey, pony, car
and train, five weeks after his flight from Lhasa. Scores of security
police and plainclothes men dotted the grounds of his new home, behind a
still incomplete ten-foot barbed wire fence, as the Dalai Lama arrived
with his usual sunny smile. Mussoorie is 6,800 feet up in the Himalayan
foothills and 150 miles north of New Delhi. The Dalai Lama is expected
to live here indefinitely because of what he has described as “the
tragedy which has overtaken Tibet.” Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, who
is scheduled to visit the Dalai Lama here on Friday, has said that the
Tibetan religious and political leader could perform the functions of
the Lamaist Buddhist religion, but that no political activities would be

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