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German Lawmakers Complain Their Lhasa Tour Was One-sided

April 24, 2009

Tibetan Review
April 23, 2009

A delegation of four members from the human
rights committee of the German Bundestag
(parliament) has said it was given a highly
controlled and censored tour of Tibet’s capital
Lhasa, with the Chinese government being
determined to present a totally one-sided picture
of the situation there, according to the DPA news
agency Apr 20. It cited delegation leader Holgar
Haibach as saying many of the group's questions were not answered.

"The one-sidedness was formidable," Haibach has
said, adding the delegation was not allowed to
visit a prison during its three-day stay in Lhasa.

Haibach has said the Chinese minders told the
delegation that all monks went voluntarily to
"patriotic education campaigns,” but one monk had
told the delegation that participation was required.

The delegation found the Chinese army's presence
in the Tibetan capital to be unchanged and massive.

The exile Tibetan government says China's violent
crackdown on Tibetan protesters since Mar 10,
2008 had left at least 220 Tibetans dead and
1,294 injured while 290 were sentenced. Also,
more than 5,600 were arrested or detained while over 1,000 had disappeared.

Earlier, while in Beijing, the delegations had
discussed the death penalty, administrative
detention system and other human rights issues.
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