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Advice for Dalai Lama Day -- Where to Park, Where to Go, What Not to Bring

April 27, 2009

By Indy Staff
The Santa Barbara Independent
April 23, 2009

People who didn’t get a ticket to the Dalai
Lama’s lectures at UCSB tomorrow can listen
through KCSB 91.9 FM. Both presentations can be
heard via radio signal or online at
“Nature of Mind” will air 9:30-11:30 a.m., and “Ethics for Our Time” 2-4 p.m.

KCSB will also provide live news coverage
starting at 7 a.m., as doors open at 7:30 a.m.
for the first event. Protesters are expected to
demonstrate around UCSB’s Thunderdome. (An
officially designated Free Speech area will be
located on the west side of the Thunderdome, also
known as the Events Center.) The Dalai Lama is
expected to draw activists with the Free Tibet
organization, as well as pro-China demonstrators.

Members of a minority sect of Tibetan Buddhism
called Kadampa may also show up. The Dalai Lama
has rejected aspects of the group’s beliefs; the
group in turn accuses the Dalai Lama of religious oppression.

UCSB officials are advising ticket holders to get
to campus two hours prior to the start times, as
every person must clear security. The
Thunderdome’s capacity is 6,000, so lines will be long.

Metal detectors will be used and purses and bags
will be inspected. See rules below for items that
are forbidden. For instance, no backpacks, no
cameras, no outside food or drink. Items that can
be used as a weapon — Swiss army knives,
scissors, box cutters — are not allowed. Anyone
using a cell phone as a camera may have it confiscated.

Parking is free on campus until 5 p.m. on Friday,
and there are three major parking structures. Lot
10 is nearest to the East Gate, and furthest from
the Thunderdome, but it may be worth the walk to
avoid traffic congestion. The Mesa Parking
Structure is located roughly between Campbell
Hall and the Recreation Center. Lot 22 is closest
to the Thunderdome. Check out UCSB’s website for
a campus map. Isla Vista is already a parking
nightmare; it’s best not to attempt to park there.

Below is the information released by UCSB
officials related to the Dalai Lama events:

Arrive Early

Doors open two hours prior to each scheduled
event. Please arrive 90 minutes-two hours before
the event is scheduled to begin to give yourself
enough time to go through security and assume
your seat. There will be no late seating for this
event. If you exit the building during a given
session, you will not be allowed to re-enter during that session.


UCSB campus parking will be free until 5 pm on
Friday, April 24. However, we recommend that all
patrons living near campus either walk or bike to
the event to avoid traffic congestion on campus.
Parking officials and signs will be present at
all campus entrances to direct ticket holders to
available parking in the lots nearest the UCSB Events Center.
Important Security Screening Note

Because the security of His Holiness the Dalai
Lama is the highest priority, attendees will
undergo a security screening at the UCSB Events
Center through a metal detector.

UCSB Students

UCSB student must present a current UCSB student
ID at the door for their tickets to be honored.

Lunch Opportunities

In the period between the morning and afternoon
lectures, we recommend that ticket buyers
purchase lunch nearby the Events Center so as to
allow enough time to re-enter the security
screening line. Signs will be posted directing
patrons to concessions within walking distance of
the Events Center to areas near the Student
Resource Building, the Student Health Services
Lawn, the University Center and Isla Vista. We
recommend that all patrons leave their vehicle
parked in its current location during the lunch period.

The following items are prohibited: backpacks of
any size; umbrellas; external food or drink;
strollers; skateboards; audio or video recording
devices; signs, banners, flags or flag poles;
noise makers; any items that can be perceived as
a weapon; cameras and cell phone cameras; bags
other than small purses. (Small purses (8.5" x
11" x 4") will be allowed in the building, but they will be searched.)
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