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Laughter and Sadness - An Emotional Farewell

April 27, 2009

By Tawang
Tibetan Cultural Association of Quebec

April 18, 2009, the small Tibetan community of
Montreal, Canada had gathered to host a farewell
lunch for Mr. Thubten Samdup la (representative
of HH the Dalai Lama in London, England) at
Shambala, a local Tibetan Restaurant in the city
of Montreal.  The event was organized by the
Tibetan Cultural Association and our president
Mr. Gyurmey Dorjee la opened the meeting with a
brief introduction which was followed by an
emotional speech by Mr. Samdup la.  In his heart
warming speech, he expressed his deep
appreciation and gratefulness for the entire
community for supporting him for the last 30
years.  He also thanked his family and specially,
his wife Mrs. Carole Samdup la who had stood by
him all these years and rendered unwavering
support by believing in his relentless efforts
towards his Tibet related works.

Most of the community members were very pleased
at the news of his appointment but for some, the
reality of losing a proud figure from our
community was not a perfect recipe for
celebration (at least for the moment).  However,
the mixed feelings and emotions did not stop the
community from enjoying the last moments with Mr.
Samdup la.  Echo’s of infectious laughter’s
reverberated within the small space of the
restaurant with old pola’s and mola’s queuing up
to close up their final conversation by thanking
him and wishing him good luck all the way.  Mr.
Samdup was indeed very humbled and honored by the
huge turn out of people unveiling deep respect
and support by individually thanking him for all
his selfless contributions and hard work.

For the highlight of the speech, Mr Samdup la
said -- We should at least have some sympathy and
compassion for the Dalai Lama for working so hard
and now, it is our time to pay him back."

Through out his life, Mr. Samdup la had not only
been an inspiration to many local Tibetan youths
but had also reached out and encouraged many
non-Tibetans in contributing towards our
cause.  So, on behalf of all the Montreal
Tibetans, i wish him all the best and we are very
hopeful that he will not fail us in bringing some
positive changes with his innovative ideas.
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