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Tibetan students protest in China

April 27, 2009

April 26, 2009

BEIJING (AFP) - Hundreds of students at a Tibetan
school in China's northwest held a daring
protest, demonstrating over education conditions,
locals and an overseas Tibetan group said Saturday.

The protest took place Friday morning among
Tibetan students at the Xiahe middle school in
Gansu province, the proprietor of a local hotel told AFP by telephone.

"The students protested on Friday. There were no
protests today," he said without giving his name.

"There were a few police, but no violence. Everything is quiet."

Xiahe, is home to the Labrang Monastery, a famous
Tibetan Buddhist temple, where monks protested in
March 2008 when anti-Chinese unrest spread
throughout ethnic Tibetan regions of China.

During the unrest, the remote town and monastery
were besieged with armed police, the proprietor said.

According to, an exiled Tibetan news
website, several hundred Tibetan students were
expressing their disappointment over the rise in
the number of Chinese students in college-level institutes.

The students said college seats that are normally
given to Tibetans were being given instead to Chinese students, it said.

Phones at the Xiahe public security office and
the Xiahe Middle School were not being answered Saturday.

Unrest in ethnic Tibetan regions in China spread
last year after riots erupted in Lhasa during March.

China has said "rioters" were responsible for 21
deaths, while saying that its security forces killed only one "insurgent."

However, the exiled Tibetan government headed by
the Dalai Lama has said more than 200 Tibetans
were killed in China's subsequent crackdown.

A Tibet court issued a suspended death sentence
for one man and stiff jail terms for two others
for setting deadly fires in the Lhasa riots last
year, Chinese state media said Tuesday.

The two fires killed six people, Xinhua news
agency said, quoting the Tibet Daily newspaper.
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