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Exile Chinese to Release White Paper on Tiananmen Massacre

April 28, 2009

Tibetan Review
April 25, 2009

Exiled Chinese dissidents are to launch a series
of campaigns, including with the release of a
white paper, to demand that China apologize for
the 1989 massacre of protesters on Beijing’s
Tiananmen Square reported Taipei Times Apr 24.
The call comes ahead of the 20th anniversary of
the Chinese government’s bloody crackdown on
student protesters on Jun 4, 1989, the death toll
of which has never been established.

The report cited Wuer Kaixi, one of the student
leaders in the 1989 democracy protests in
Beijing, as saying the activities would begin
next Apr 26 and continue to Jun 3 or June 4,
closing with a news conference in Washington. At
the news conference, US-based Wang Dan, a student
leader of the 1989 democracy movement, will
release a “white paper” on the Tiananmen Incident.

The report said the white paper will attempt to
demonstrate that there was no need for China to
use force to suppress the student protest and
will demand China apologize and compensate the
family members of the victims of the Tiananmen massacre.

China used tanks and soldiers to drive away
hunger-striking students camping out on Tiananmen
Square to demand democracy and end to corruption
but not an end of the one-party rule. The
Tiananmen Mothers Campaign, founded by relatives
of the Tiananmen Massacre victims, has drafted a
list of 155 people who were killed in the
Tiananmen Massacre. China declared the Tiananmen
campaign a "counter-revolutionary incident" and insisted no one was killed.
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