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ALL of the Nomads in Amdo Region (Qinghai) to be Resettled

April 30, 2009

Tibetan Plateau Blog
April 28, 2009

This is a quick post to share a published source
of a disturbing piece of information. This blog
has several postings on the topic of resettlement
of Tibetan nomadic herders. You can read them
here and here. In another posting, I asked
readers to share data (numbers) on actual
government resettlement plans in Amdo (Qinghai) region.

A reader who wishes to remain anonymous pointed
out an article by David Goodman published in
2004, in The China Quarterly, titled "Qinghai and
the Emergence of the West: Nationalities,
Communal Interaction and National Integration"
(Vol. 178, pp: 379-399). On page 61 of this
article, there is a disturbing sentence: "The
[Qinghai] provincial government’s goal is to
settle all nomads by 2011, claiming to have
completed the process experimentally in Hainan district by the end of 2001."

If it is true that government plans to resettle
ALL nomadic herders in the region, I wonder why
people -- including experts I have consulted --
did not know or tell me about it?! Very strange.

Anyways, for further information, David Goodman's
source for that information is: Wei Xingguo and
Jing Fachang, "Hainan mumin quanbu shixian
dingju" ("Hainan herdsmen now live in
settlements"), Qinghai ribao, 28 January 2002, p. 1.
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