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"Canada can, within a positive friendly atmosphere, ask the Chinese government to resolve the Tibetan situation."

The Dalai Lama Gets Checkup, then Speaks in Rochester

April 30, 2009

By Joe Kimball
Minnessota Post
April 28, 2009

The Dalai Lama spoke about Tibet and the need for
peace with China at an informal speech in
Rochester Monday, while in town for a checkup at the Mayo Clinic.

Nearly 500, many of them Tibetans from the Twin
Cities area, heard him speak for 40 minutes at
the Saint Mary's Hospital chapel, said the Rochester Post-Bulletin.

He spoke in Tibetan, but Tenzin Samten of Edina
summarized the speech for the paper.

While much of the talk was about serious topics
such as Tibet's relationship with China and the
importance of younger generations staying away
from alcohol and drugs, he had the
standing-room-only crowd laughing, clapping and cheering several times.

It was motivation for everyone to do more, Samten
said of the speech. Even though many are
protesting and donating money to the cause, the
Dalai Lama encouraged those there to be "more proactive," Samten said.

"I feel blessed I could be here," Samten said. In
1996, at the age of 16, Samten immigrated to
Minnesota from India. His family originally is from Tibet.
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