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A Questionable Exhibition of Tibet's Past and Present

June 8, 2009

NTDTV - Atlanta, GA

Melbourne's Town Hall has hosted an exhibition that was said to be depicting
Tibet's past and present. Reportedly funded by China's communist government,
the exhibition has received criticism from the Australia Tibet Council, and
Tibetan community members, for being a gross misrepresentation of the true
situation in Tibet.

[Tenzin Lobsang, Tibetan International Student]:
"Tibetans are suffering in Tibet, so that's what we are here, to tell the
people that what Chinese people are showing, is not fact. The fact is,
Tibetan people are not happy, and are still suffering under Chinese rule."

The same exhibition was cancelled in Australia's capital Canberra, following
complaints to the venue.

But this time around, the Melbourne Town  Hall was said to be booked under
false pretences by a Chinese-Australian businessman, acting as a proxy for
the Consulate General of the People's Republic of China. Australia Tibet
Council secretary, Rob Perry was at the Town Hall during the exhibition.

[Rob Perry, Australia Tibet Council Secretary]:
"Through tricking and hoodwinking their way into the Town Hall, they've
staged this event under the premise that it is the view held by the
Victorian municipality, the Lord Mayor, and the people of Victoria...It's
quite in keeping with the behavior of the Chinese government."

NTD was denied access to the public exhibition, and venue management
declined an invitation to make a comment.

Robert Apicella, NTD Melbourne Australia.
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