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Canada: Flaherty and Carney going to China to meet with officials and business leaders

August 7, 2009

The Canadian Press (CP)
August 5, 2009

OTTAWA -- Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and Bank
of Canada governor Mark Carney are heading to
China this week to meet with Chinese government officials and business leaders.

The pair will be accompanied by Julie Dickson,
the Superintendent of Financial Institutions, as
well as other key Canadian government officials
and financial industry executives.

The group will be in China from Saturday to Aug. 14.

Flaherty said China is one of Canada's most important trading partners.

"Much like Canada, China has managed to escape
many of the negative effects of the crisis, and
it is clear that our two countries must see how
we can continue to work together," Flaherty said in a statement.

"Not surprisingly, today most of Canada's large
financial institutions are active in China and
they are looking to expand. The Canadian
financial sector is also eager to partner with
Chinese companies in their global transactions."

Relations between Ottawa and Beijing had been
seriously strained when the Conservatives came to
power in 2006, following a series of statements
and policy moves that rankled the Chinese.

Tibet's spiritual leader the Dalai Lama had been
named an honorary Canadian citizen; Canada was
actively protesting the imprisonment of
Chinese-Canadian Huseyin Celil; and Harper used
remarkably strong language in referring to his
concern over human rights in China.

However, Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi
made a two-day visit to Ottawa in June that was
warmly received by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and senior cabinet ministers.

Trade Minister Stockwell Day and Foreign Affairs
Minister Lawrence Cannon have also recently made high-profile tours to China.
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