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India conveys unhappiness over Chinese article

August 13, 2009

August 11, 2009

NEW DELHI -- Reminding China of the principle of
mutual respect for territorial integrity, India
Tuesday expressed its unhappiness with an article
of a Chinese analyst that spoke about breaking
India into 20-30 states. Such views run contrary
to the official views of Beijing on deepening ties with New Delhi, it said.

"The article in question appears to be an
expression of individual opinion and does not
accord with the officially stated position of
China on India-China relations," external affairs
ministry spokesperson Vishnu Prakash told
reporters in response to a question on the article by a Chinese strategist.

The spokesperson stressed that China has conveyed
to India on several occasions, including at the
highest level - most recently by the State
Councillor Dai Bingguo during his visit to India
last week - its desire to deepen relations with New Delhi.

"The Chinese side has conveyed to us that in
approaching India-China relations, China abides
by the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence.
One of these principles stresses respect for
territorial integrity and sovereignty," the spokesperson said.

"We continue to maintain that opinions and
assessment on the state of India-China relations
should be expressed after careful judgment based
on the long-term interests of building a stable
relationship between the two countries," he said.

Alluding to strategic and cooperative partnership
between India and China, the spokesperson
stressed that "the pace of exchanges has gained momentum in recent years".

"Both sides have agreed to continue this
momentum, while seeking to resolve outstanding
issues, including the boundary question through
peaceful dialogue and consultations, and with
mutual sensitivity to each other's concerns," he said.

In an article written in Chinese, strategic
analyst Zhan Lue has contended that Beijing
should break up India into 20-30 independent
states with the help of friendly countries like
Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan.

The publication of the article nearly coincided
with the 13th round of India-China border talks
that ended in New Delhi Saturday on a positive
note, with Beijing stressing on the need to build
strategic trust with India and elevating
strategic partnership to a new level to include coordination on global issues.

The article was published in the new edition of
the website of China International Institute for
Strategic Studies (CIISS), an influential think
tank that advises the Chinese government on global and strategic issues.

In the article, Zhan suggests that China can give
political support to Bangladesh to encourage
ethnic Bengalis in India to get rid of the
'Indian control' and unite with Bangladesh as one Bengali nation.

If this is not possible, the creation of at least
another free Bengali nation state as a friendly
neighbour of Bangladesh, would be desirable for
the purpose of weakening India's expansion and
threat aimed at forming a 'unified South Asia,' the article argues.

The article recommends India's break-up into
20-30 nation-states like in Europe and contends
that if the consciousness of "nationalities" in
India could be aroused, social reforms in South
Asia can be achieved, the caste system can be
eradicated and the region can march along the road of prosperity.
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