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Tibetan Shoton Festival

August 18, 2009
August 15, 2009 (P.R. China)

A: Hello and welcome to Listeners' Garden here on China Radio
International. I'm your host LPC.

B: And I'm DS. Yogurt and opera might seem to have no relation to
each other, but for the Tibetan people, these two things are the
major attractions of the traditional Shoton Festival.

A: The Shoton Festival, also known as the Yogurt Festival and the
Tibetan Opera Festival, is one of the most important and joyful
Tibetan festivals, second only to Tibetan New Year.

B: Celebrations for the Shoton festival usually last a week. This
year's festival will kick off on August 20, that's next Thursday.

A: Featuring a wide range of fascinating activities, the week-long
festival is a grand showcase of the enchanting Tibetan culture. The
festival has been listed as a national intangible cultural heritage
by the Chinese government.

B: So on today's show we'll be talking about the Shoton Festival to
gain more insight into the unique life, culture and customs of the Tibetans.

A: But before that, as usual, we'll first take a look at some letters
from our listeners. Please stay tuned. Letterbox

Buddha exhibition at Drepung Monastery [Photo: CRI Online]

A: Welcome back to Listeners' Garden. I'm LPC.

B: And I'm DS. We are already in mid-August, but it's still the peak
of summer in many parts of China, and the hot weather has sent many
people to summer retreats to escape the sweltering heat.

A: People can name a number of famous summer resorts here in China,
but Tibet is often neglected because of its unusually high altitude.
In fact, Tibet is also an excellent place for summer holidays, as the
weather at the "roof of the world" is very cool and pleasant in July
and August.

B: The agreeable climate means summer is the best time to travel in
Tibet. For those who plan a trip there, the peak tourist season is
from June to September. But I think August is especially a better
choice because the annual Tibetan Shoton Festival is usually held
during this month. It provides a rare chance for visitors to savor
the unique and charming Tibetan culture and folk customs.
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