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China Forces Tibet's Nomads Into Concentration 'Settlements'

August 18, 2009

Tibet Truth Blog
August 14, 2009

A traditional way-of-life which has flourished on
the high grasslands of  Tibet is being silently
strangled through policies which can only be
understood as a form of cultural genocide, as
hundreds-of-thousands of Tibetan nomads are being
forced from their land. Communist China decided
to ‘modernize’ Tibet’s ancient pastoral and
nomadic economy, which has co-existed with the
unique habitat of the Tibetan Plateau for millenia.

However operating behind the propaganda claims
of  ecological protection and improving the
conditions of Tibet’s nomadic population, is a
policy that seeks to imprison some 2 million
Tibetan nomads and exploit Tibet’s natural
resources. Aimed at satisfying the needs of
mainland China, the huge economic potential of
Tibet’s considerable reserves of gas,
oil,  minerals, water and timber provides no
benefit the Tibetan people. Who, driven from
their lands by communist China’s jack-booted
paramilitary thugs, now find that open skies,
yak-hair tents and snow-capped horizons have been
replaced by barbed-wire and what are effectively
concentration camps. Traumatized, confused and
intimidated they are abandoned to grieve at the loss their lifestyle.

Concentration Camps Await (Golok in Amdo Eastern Tibet)

This state-engineered ethnic-cleansing operates
on a scale not witnessed since the insane
policies of Stalinist Russia, when countless
numbers of  Crimean Tatars, Kalmyks, Chechens,
Ingush, Balkars, Karachays and Meskhetian Turks
had their land forcibly confiscated. The
deportation of Tibetans into concentration
settlements shares similar totalitarian
objectives, to eradicate cultural and national
identity and exert greater political and military
control.  Such aims were revealed by remarks made
last year by Tibet’s communist overlord Zhang
Qingli  who noted in an internal Chinese journal
that the "peace and contentment" that nomads
derive from so-called improved housing "is the
fundamental condition for us in holding the
initiative in the struggle against the Dalai clique."

Communist China Fences Of Kham's Grasslands

Beijing is determined to crush resistance to
Communist Chinese occupation and is investing
considerable money into the creation of Tibetan
reservations and concentration settlements.
According to an October 2008 official communist
Chinese report, the authorities occupying Tibet’s
eastern region of Kham (which was annexed and
renamed into Sichuan Province) declared that some
470,000 nomads would be resettled, from an
estimated total of 530,000 nomads.  In the
neighboring region of Amdo (annexed and renamed
as Qinghai Province) during 2004 the communist
regime demanded that by 2011 all Tibetan nomads
would deported from their traditional lands.

Creating Tibetan Reservations

The planned extinction of Tibetan nomadism by
Communist China has shamefully attracted little
concern from the so-called international
community, history screams from the sidelines and
once again liberal democratic societies remain silent.
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