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Solution For Tibetan Problem

August 28, 2009

Sarma Venkateswara Vemuri
The American Chronicle
August 25, 2009

India has promulgated article 370 for Jammu and
Kashmir through which citizens of India,
belonging to other states within India, other
than Jammu and Kashmir, cannot buy a piece of
land or have any such rights in Jammu and
Kashmir. That means only those who were living J
and K state can buy a piece of land and outsiders cannot buy the land.

This special provision has been given to the
state government of Jammu and Kashmir, India, to
prevent forced settlements of Indian citizens,
from other states of India, into Jammu and Kashmir.

Why not China also adopt a similar constitutional
amendment and stop forced settlement of Han
Chinese into Tibet. So that, whatever the
population of Tibetans that is left, after its
genocide by Chinese, could be saved. It seems
that the Tibetans are an endangered species in
the hands of China and some how this tribe has to be saved and safeguarded.

Countries like Pakistan who follow
state-sponsored terrorism and export terrorism
into India receive all sorts of international support without any scrutiny.

This is because including countries like USA
follow "double standards" and adopt "different
yardsticks for different people" approach. For
example USA can attack target deep into Pakistan
or Afghanistan if suspect presence of Talibans or members of Al queda.

But India should not follow a similar approach,
because the terrorists fighting against India are
"good terrorists´ and those terrorists fighting
against USA are "bad terrorists" approach. There
is nothing wrong if India and USA jointly sponsor
another armed struggle by Tibetans against China
just like how USA was supporting the Afghan
rebels in 1980s when Afghanistan was in the eyes
of the erstwhile USSR. Without fear India should enter into such a venture.

If USA has succeeded by driving out USSR from
Afghanistan, then why not India and USA could do
a similar thing against China where the Chinese
could be driven out of Tibet thus saving Tibetans of their own homeland.

For this USA would be ready but India needs guts
to enter into such a formula. This is because,
China has never under stood the peaceful means of
struggle waged by Tibetans for their homeland. In
fact even Russia could join in this mission where
Tibetans are provided all sorts of support
including military, economic, moral and strategic.

If USA could justify its role in Afghanistan in
1980s then the same logic could be extended now
for Tibetans also. If China provides absolute
autonomy to Tibet, similar to Hong Kong´s special
administrative region (SAR) and a constitutional
guarantee to Tibetans akin to article 370 of the
government of India where there will not be any
forceful Han Chinese settlements in Tibetan areas
they there could be an amicable settlement of the Tibetan problem.
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