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Opinion: Middle Way the Rangzen Way

October 8, 2009

By Norbu Samphell
via email

In his article "Waiting for Mantso" Jamyang Norbu is mouthing our exile
Government under the leadership of HH the Dalai Lama once again. He seemed
to enjoy doing that. It is unfortunate, that there are some people who take
this kind of negative criticism in some positive light. Of course, we
appreciate positive and constructive criticism for genuine democratic spirit
in our community.

However, JN is lying and exaggerating negativities all over his writings
against those persons who does not subscribe to his kind of opinion. I do
not think, Samdong Rinpoche was plotting to raise amendment issue, when he
intended to resign. Failure to realize His Holiness's wish for a negotiated
settlement with Chinese Government could be a reason, since he is there to
help His Holiness achieve His goal. We voted him democratically to be our PM
as he is the most competent person to carry out the wishes of HH the Dalai
Lama. We were never coerced nor bribed to vote for Rinpoche.

If Rinpoche wants the future Kalon tripa "to anticipate the Dalai Lama's
unstated thoughts and direct his efforts to their realization", that is what
majority of Tibetans want. We want Dalai Lama's wishes to be fulfilled, His
goal to be achieved for Tibet and Tibetans. Our Rangzen lies in following
our flawless leaders, than trying to find faults in them. It is our
democratic right to support the middle way approach, and whatever His
Holiness stands for. Anything against the Dalai Lama is against majority
Tibetans and against Rangzen as well. I strongly believe, Middle way is the
Rangzen way.

Samdong Rinpoche is not a politician at all. He is a religious person. He is
a fully ordained Bikshu following in the foot steps of Sakya Munni Buddha,
and HH the Dalai Lama. It is not fair to give wrong impression of an honest,
truthful and a great teacher. JN is spreading lies about Rinpoche.

Rinpoche's personal take on Tibetan freedom struggle is Satya-Agra, Mahatma
Gandhi's way of total adherence to truth. However, he has sacrificed
propagating his viewpoint in order to promote His Holiness's middle way
approach, as a genuine practitioner of Buddha Dharma, who has profound faith
in his spiritual leader.

JN is jealous of His Holiness receiving strong majority support for His
plans and policies for peace and prosperity of Tibetans in Tibet. His
Holiness's middle way approach is, in fact, consistent with the approach
adopted by 13th Dalai Lama, when we won total independence from any and all
foreign forces. We won absolute, unquestionable Rangzen while serving the
best interest of Buddha Dharma during His reign.

His famous prophetic water-monkey advice (Chu-Tre Zhal-Dam) 1932
emphatically instructs Tibetans to follow whatever Thongwa Dondhen (referred
to His Holiness by Nye-Chung) tells us to follow. He asked the officials
responsible for providing peace and prosperity to its citizens to do their
duties Pang-Lang Zolmed, abiding in the moral rules of Lay-Dre.

However, Government officials, who were Kudraks like JN's ancestors ignored
His advice. They did not govern the right way for the welfare of people, and
neglected border security of the country after the demise of 13th Dalai
Lama. Instead they got involved themselves in conflicts, even murderous once
for power and prominence.

In this power struggle, Dolgyal/Shugden practitioners Lamas and laities have
played conspicuous roles in getting rid of some important people. Even
Rading Rinpoche, the former Regent, who was responsible for finding,
educating, and enthroning the present HH the Dalai Lama was not spared. He
was murdered mysteriously.

I suspect, JN's ancestors may have been affiliated to Dolgyal practicing
aristocrat Kudraks. The way he opposes and criticizes His Holiness and
anything that remotely supports His Holiness and His policies are sufficient
enough, at least for me, to suspect JN's connection with Dolgyal group.
Dolgyal had been opposing series of Dalai Lamas and whatever the Dalai Lamas
stand for since the 17th century.

JN's accusation of Gyalo Dondup being ring leader of a loose coalition of
religious-right group, always maintaining the status quo, meaning loyalty to
His Holiness, is the spirit of Dolgyal trying to discredit His Holiness,
encourage and infuse disloyalty among younger people against His Holiness
and His Family. As far as my conscience is concerned we do not have any
religious-right group obstructing any political modernity or otherwise
modern development in our society.

Gyalo Dondup being a loving brother of His Holiness has always worked to
promote the best interest of His Holiness and thereby served the interest of
ordinary Tibetans like me. He did not do any thing that harmed the interest
of majority Tibetans.

Present chairman of the parliament, Penpa Tsering said it absolutely right,
that we need to elect Kalon Tripa that will carry out the plans and policies
of His Holiness, which is the wish of the majority Tibetans. When I say
majority, I mean about eighty percent of Tibetan Diasporas around the world,
which is more than two-third majority. If any one from JN's group of
anti-Dalai Lama mentality gets elected, that will be the end of our freedom
struggle under one leadership. Many different factions will spring up all
over in Tibetan community, consequently Government officials and politicians
will be fighting among themselves like they did in the past after the 13th
Dalai Lama and the rule of regents. In such a case, interest for Tibetan
cause will wane considerably and, many Tibetans would stop paying even the
Green Book voluntary contribution.

Isn't that a scary scenario to imagine for our freedom struggle? Do not make
mistake, elect Kalon Tripa that will follow the foot steps of Samdong
Rinpoche, and carry the middle approach along to fulfill the wishes of His
Holiness. Middle way is the Right Rangzen way. Thank you.
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