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Sambhota School Teachers attend Workshop on Basic Education Policy

November 11, 2009

November 10, 2009

Dharamshala -- The Department of Education today started a ten-day
long workshop for the English language teachers of Sambhota Tibetan
Schools Society to make them proficient in teaching English, approved
as the second language under the Basic Education Policy(BEP).

The Basic Education Policy, unanimously endorsed in 2004 by the 13th
Assembly of Tibetan People's Deputies was founded on the study of
Inner science, with the Universal human values advocated by His
Holiness the Dalai Lama in general and on the matter of Tibetan
education in parliament as its central theme.

Under BEP, a three language policy is implemented, with Tibetan
language as the medium of teaching from the pre-primary level up to
the class III, While English and a third language would be taught
from class IV and class VI respectively.

Fourteen Tibetan teachers are participating in the workshop. Mevon
Peton school, Deckyling school, Gangtok school, Pokhripong school,
Shillong school, CST schools at Chauntra, Puruwala, Poanta sahib and
Manali are following the Basic Education Policy.

During the workshop, (From L to R) Karma Chungdak, Director of STSS ,
Anthony Harvey London, Resource person, Ven. Karma Geleck Yuthok,
Secretary of DOE, and Tsering Phuntsok, Education Officer.

Education Officer, Tsering Phunsok said, "The Department of Education
felt the urgency to provide in-service teachers training to all the
primary English teachers under STSS. It would not be doing justice if
teachers continue with the teaching methodology as was done in the
Pre-primary classes. The teaching-learning approaches should be
different for a child starting English learning at Class IV from a
child learning the second language at Pre-Primary level or Class I."

Speaking on the main objective of the workshop, Tsering
Phuntsok  said, "The objective of conducting this kind of teacher
workshop is to give hands on practical teaching skills in Teaching
English as a second language. It is strongly stressed and expected
that the students after 2-year English education at the end of their
primary level (Class V) should feel comfortable and competent in
pursuing English language studies from Class VI onwards under the
present situation."

Anthony Harvey London is the resource person for the workshop. Mr.
Anthony London is an Australian and is an expert in teaching English.
He had received Australian National medal in teaching English.

The workshop is funded by United States Humanitarian Assistant (USHA) Grants.

Another re-orientation programme on Basic Education Policy for 24
primary teachers from Tibetan Children's Village School, Tibetan
Homes Foundation and other Tibetan schools is being organised by the
Department of Education at College of Higher Tibetan Studies, Sarah,
from 9 to 14 November 2009.
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