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Dalai stands by 'one earth' Monk conveys 'truth' with McMohan Line

November 16, 2009

The Telegraph (India)
November 14, 2009

Itanagar, Nov. 14 -- In between promoting the
Buddhist way of life here since morning, the
Dalai Lama today wound up his hectic weeklong
tour of the frontier state by obliquely conveying
the "truth" to those who swear by man-made
boundaries that the McMahon Line was "not" visible from space.

The line was drawn up to demarcate the border
between British India and Tibet by the former at
the Shimla Conference in 1914, attended by
Tibetan, Chinese, and British representatives.
China refused to accept it on the ground that
Tibet was not sovereign and had no right to conclude treaties.

The issue has remained unresolved till date.

"Truth is reality -- what exactly is happening --
and we must accept reality. From space the earth
looks as one. The McMahon Line is invisible from
space...." he told the gathering during a brief
question and answer session at the Banquet Hall
here this afternoon, drawing applause from most
for subtly conveying his mind on a subject close to his heart.

Describing himself as the messenger of India’s
traditional values of ahimsa and harmony, he said
in his discourse, "If you ask me the relationship
between Tibet and India, I will say it is one of
chela and guru. Tibet in this case is the chela
because we got our lessons from the masters at
Nalanda. In this backdrop, I would like India to
make more efforts to promote ahimsa and religious
harmony, which the world is in desperate need of.
India should be an example to the world.”

Earlier at the Sidhartha Vihar and the Theravada
Vihar, he laid stress on controlling anger and
stop being self-centred, the root causes of our problems.
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