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Obama's China Visit No Fun

November 20, 2009

Dan Liftman
American Chronicle
November 19, 2009

President Obama stopped in China yesterday during
his tour of Asian nations. All was not well in
Beijing, unfortunately. On his first meeting with
Chinese President Hu Jintao, Obama bowed too
deeply and knocked heads with the Communist
leader. Obama was quick to apologize, but his
attempt at humor, an impression of Curly of the
Three Stooges comedy team, failed to impress Hu.

Last night, at the state dinner honoring Obama,
the president was serenaded by the People´s
Liberation Army band. They played famous American
pop tunes, including Slow Boat To China, the
Ramones´ I Want To be Sedated and What Were You
Smoking? by the Stoners. Obama committed another
faux pas during dinner when he told Hu "I like
the Lama." Admiration for the Dalai Lama, Tibet´s
spiritual leader, is strictly taboo in China.
When Obama noticed the frown on Hu´s face, he
quickly recovered, adding "I like the alpaca,
too. My wife has an alpaca sweater." The Chinese
president was clearly confused by the remark, but
the dinner concluded without further incident.

Next day, Obama was escorted to China´s biggest
race track, where drivers of several racing cars
put on an exhibition for the two leaders. China´s
model, the Suey Chopper, roared around the track
several times, performing beautifully.
Unfortunately, the Chevrolet entry finished dead
last after it blew two tires, the gear shift
lever came off in the driver´s hand and its
exhaust system fell off on the track. Obama was
clearly embarrassed and Hu was observed turning
his back briefly so his guest wouldn´t see him laughing.

Before leaving Beijing, Obama and Hu engaged in
high level talks about America´s trade deficit
with China. Hu apologized for the problems with
Chinese drywall and promised to include fewer
toys with lead based paint and other dangerous
products among his country´s exports. Obama
assured Hu that he would encourage America´s
travel agents to book more tours to China and
insist that they stick to well-known attractions
and not mention China´s slave labor camps.

In Washington, House Minority leader John Boehner
and other prominent Republicans criticized Obama
for bowing to China´s president. Boehner and
Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell had no
response, however, when confronted with photos of
them both at a meeting, bowing to the CEOs of
Humana Health Care and Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.
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