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China arrests protesting teenage monks in Sertha - Tibet

April 11, 2010

April 09 2010

Over the past one week, a series of peaceful protests were carried out by
Tibetans particularly teenage monks in Sertha County in the traditional Kham
region of Tibet resulting in arrests and detention, according to information
received by the Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD).

Beginning 30 March, two teenage students of the famed Larung Gar Buddhist
Institute in Sertha were taken into police custody by security forces in
civilian dress for staging a protest at Sertha County. The two monks with
the banned Tibetan national flag shouted slogans calling for the 'swift
return of the Dalai Lama to Tibet,' 'independence for Tibet' and 'human
rights for Tibet' at the Sertha County market square. Two teenage monks:
Tenzin Gyamtso, 16, is a monk of Nedo Monastery in Dzatoe County and Gawa
Wangchen Topgyal, 15, a monk of Jeytrung Monastery in Dzatoe County,
Jyekundo (Ch: Yushu/Jiegu) "Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture" ('TAP') under
Qinghai Province. Both were studying at Sertha Larung Gar Buddhist Institute
at the time of their protest. There is no information on the current
whereabouts of detained teenaged monks.

Similar protest was also staged by another two monks of the same Buddhist
institute in Sertha County on 31 March and both were immediately detained by
the Chinese security forces and taken into police custody, according to
sources. There is no information on the identity of the detainees and their
current location of detention.

On 2 April 2010, a 20 year old Tibetan youth, Ugyen Namgyal from Choktsang
village of Sertha County staged a solo protest at the county market square.
The Public Security Bureau (PSB) officials suddenly appeared at the site of
the protest beating him severely before arresting him.

On 3 April 2010, an identified Tibetan layman from Choktsang village of
Sertha County staged a brief protest at the county market square before
being detained by the security forces.

Similar protest was also carried by a 19-year-old reincarnated lama, Tulku
Namgyal of Taglung Monastery in Choktsang Village on 4 April 2010. Numerous
handwritten pamphlets calling for "independence for Tibet," "swift return of
the exiled Tibetan leader the Dalai Lama to Tibet," and "human rights for
Tibet," were thrown into the air at the site of the protest in Sertha
County. According to sources, he was immediately detained by the security
forces and taken into police custody. Tulku Namgyal was a teacher at the
Taglung Monastery.

Again on 5 April 2010, a 20-year-old Thakchoe, layman from Choktsang village
was detained by the security forces after he staged a solo protest at Sertha
County by raising the banned Tibetan national flag and shouting slogans.

According to sources, similar incident of peaceful protest having occurred
yesterday (7 April) at Sertha county but no detail is available at the
moment. New restriction on the free movement of the monks and nuns were
imposed. Many new security barricades were erected on the 22 Kms road
stretching between Larung Gar Buddhist Institute and the Sertha County and
many security forces in civilian dress were deployed in the area to contain
further protest by Tibetan.

TCHRD calls upon the government of the People's Republic of China (PRC) for
the immediate and unconditional release of the detained Tibetans including
the teenage monks who were arrested for exercising their fundamental human
rights peacefully.
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