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Dalai Lama to visit US, Canada in October

June 16, 2010

June 15, 2010

Dharamsala, June 15 -- In 2007, His Holiness the
Dalai Lama was awarded the degree of
‘Presidential Distinguished Professor’ by Emory
University. The Tibetan leader who spent three
days at the university then said, "The professor
will return". The Tibetan leader will begin a
three-day visit to the university on October 17 this year.

"I look forward to offering my services to the
Emory students and community. I firmly believe
that education is an indispensable tool for the
flourishing of human well-being and the creation
of a just and peaceful society, and I am
delighted to make a small contribution in this
regard through this appointment," His Holiness had said in 2007.

His Holiness will give a short teaching on The
Nature and Practice of Compassion at the
University on October 17. The Tibetan leader who
considers promoting religious harmony as one of
his top priorities will take part in an
Inter-Faith Conference on The Pursuit of
Happiness at the University on the same day. His
Holiness’ other engagements in the university
include a scientific conference on Compassion
Meditation: Mapping Current Research and Charting
Future Directions, Panel Discussion on Spirituality, Creativity and Arts .

Emory is recognized as one of the premier centers
of study of Tibetan philosophy and religion in
the West, primarily due to the university's
extraordinary partnership with Tibetan Buddhist
institutes of higher learning based in India such
as the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives,
Drepung Loseling Monastery and the Institute of
Buddhist Dialectics. One of the most ambitious
projects of this partnership is an initiative to
develop and implement a comprehensive science
education curriculum for Tibetan monastic
community. Emory -Tibet Partnership was founded
in 1998 to bring together the best of Western and
Tibetan Buddhist intellectual traditions.

Before arriving in Atlanta, His Holiness will be
in San Jose, California to deliver an initiation
of Amitabha Permission (opakmei jegang) at San Jose University on October 13.

 From October 22 to 24, His Holiness will be in
Canada to participate in several events including
a Symposium on Cognitive Science, Mindfulness and
Consciousness at the University of Toronto, a
public talk on Approaches to World Peace.
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