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Is Chinese threat to India real?

June 21, 2010

By Afshain Afzal
The News (India)
June 18, 2010

Quite recently, it was reported that Chinese Navy
ships visited Indian port of Cochin to impress
upon Indian strategists that New Delhi is no
match to Chinese military might. Many Indian
strategists and analysts consider that Chinese
presence in the Indian Ocean is a warning to
Indian Navy that Chinese can show their presence every where.

It is being feared that with seven destinations
to support China including in Maldives,
Bangladesh, Burma, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and
Pakistan, India stands no where. Indian Chief of
the Naval Staff, Admiral Nirmal Kumar Verma is
also scheduled to visit Sri Lanka shortly to
improve defence ties and keep China off Sri
Lanka. It is one record that Indian former
Defence Minister, George Fernandez claimed that
India’s Enemy No.1 was China and not Pakistan. If
we link the presence of Chinese Navy in Indian
Ocean, the claim of George Fernandez seems true
but is it so? The western powers are furnishing
intelligence input to New Delhi that China is
planning to wage a war and destabilize India to
gain supremacy in Asia. The fears and
apprehensions need to be analyzed in its true perspective.

It is interesting to note that Commander in Chief
of Israeli Navy, Vice Admiral Elizer Marom, who
visited India in January this year and US Navy
Admiral Gary Roughead, Chief of Naval Operations
(CNO) who visited India in April this year before
the annual Indo-U.S Malabar exercise, warned New
Delhi about Chinese designs against India.

It is true that China is much superior militarily
as compared to India but it does not mean that
Peking intends invading India or disintegrating
it into smaller independent states. A recent
article on Dragon’s plan to split India in many parts appeared in the media.

There was a lot of hue and cry in the Indian
political and intellectual circles about the
Chinese intensions but should we take media
articles so seriously? It is a bitter fact that
there is a dispute between India and China over
Arunachal Pradesh and part of Jammu and Kashmir
state that Pakistan gifted China in 1962 but
things are not so serious. India must realize the
fact that China is a mature country and would not
get instigated on western provocation. It is
responsibility of the Indian politicians and
other pressure groups not to push China to an
extant that there is no option but to get hostile.

Former Indian Army Chief and other senior officer
of Indian Armed Forces claimed to be capable to
tackle both China and Pakistan at the same time.
However, the fact cannot be denied that Indian
Navy and the Air Force are two institutions that
require much attention. It was Jawaharlal Nehru
who said, “If you wish to be secure on land, you
should have supremacy on the sea” but probably
there is a strong lobby in India who is bent upon
failing the desire of Jawaharlal Nehru to come true.

The corruption in Indian navy and Indian Air
Force has made many Indian to think that India
can never become Navy and Air power in the
region. The kickback and percentage has become
pet words for the Indian Defence, Naval and Air
Attaches posted at various Indian Embassies
throughout the world. Former Indian Navy Chief
Admiral Sureesh Mehta has been quoted to have
said, “In military terms, both conventionally and
unconventionally, we can neither have the
capability nor the intention to match China.

He said that it is foolhardy to say India is
equal to China militarily. India is no match for
China whether it is Air Force, Navy or Army.

Indian interference in Xiang province and Tibet
is what western countries openly projects but the
fact cannot be denied that US Presidents
including President Barack Hussain Obama had been
holding confidential meetings with Dalai Lama and
citizens of Xiang. There is also no truth in the
claim that China is aiding Maoist to destabilize
India. Both India and China need to realize that
there is a western plot to destabilize Asia
region by creating difference between the major
powers in this region. China is a big country but
there is no naval built-up against India or any other country in the region.

However, Indian military built-up near the Line
of Actual Control (LAC) and Line of Control
(LoC), on the instigation of western powers might
turn into matter of concern. Western nations
including US, Britain and Israel are furnishing
wrong information through third countries to
Beijing, New Delhi and Islamabad to make them
suspicious against each other. It is understood
that once tension is heightened, the chances of
full fledge war would automatically increase.

It is in the interest of all the countries of the
region, especially China, India and Pakistan to
shun their difference and work with perfect
harmony for joint defence of Indian Ocean as well
as land and sky. Once this is achieved, no one
would be able to stop development and peace from reigning in the region.
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