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Publication of memoir justifying the Tiananmen Square massacre stopped

June 22, 2010

Tibetan Review
June 21, 2010

A memoir of former Chinese premier Li Peng
recording events surrounding the Tianamen Square
massacre of Jun 3-4, 1989 is not going to be
published as scheduled on Jun 22, according to
Reuters Jun 19, citing publisher Bao Pu of the
New Century Press, Hong Kong. About 20,000
Chinese-language copies of "The Tiananmen Diary
of Li Peng" had initially been scheduled to go on
sale in Hong Kong on Jun 22. But now, Bao has
said he has been stopped for not having the copyright to it.

"We have reason to believe that Li Peng himself
wrote this book and is willing to have it
published, but his publication rights were
deprived by a third party -- the Communist
Party's Politburo," Bao was quoted as saying,
referring to the Party's 25-member top decision-making body.

"I'm surprised by the level of mobilization," Bao
was quoted as saying, referring to Chinese
intervention to stop the publication.

Last year, Bao released secret memoirs of the
1989 events by Zhao Ziyang, who was purged as
Communist Party general secretary, with Li’s
help, for being too soft on the protesters.

Bao is the son of Bao Tong, Zhao's top aide in
1989 and the most senior Chinese official jailed
for sympathizing with protesters. Bao Tong was
imprisoned for seven years and remains under
tight police surveillance in Beijing.
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