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Tibetans perform at ERAS festival in Oslo

June 22, 2010

Norwegian Tibet Committee
June 19, 2010

The ERAS festival took place in Oslo on Saturday
19 June. ERAS is an umbrella organization of more
than 30 immigrant organizations in Norway, aiming
to create better knowledge of and understanding
between different ethnic groups and cultures in
Norway. A packed program started in the morning
with speeches by dignitaries and representatives
of different groups and institutions. Among the
highlights were the parade where the different
groups paraded and entertained through the
streets of central Oslo. The Tibetan Community in
Norway, the Chinese Cultural Festival group and
the Chinese Professionals in Oslo all took part
in the parade. In the afternoon the Tibetan dance
group entered the main stage and performed both a
Yak dance and traditional Tibetan folk dance. The
Yak, with two Tibetans inside the «Yak» costume
became one of the highlights and talking points
of the day, especially when joining the audience
after its performance on stage!

The Tibetan Community in Norway had also arranged
a well visited stand presenting Tibetan culture
and traditions. As part of the preparations
representatives of the Tibetan Community had been
planning the program together with the other
groups, including the Chinese groups. Lobsang
Pelmo Tenzin, leader of the Tibetan Community in
Norway, stated that «meeting and talking with
Chinese groups like for this event could be an
opportunity for more contact and dialogue in
future, which could hopefully lead to better
understanding and more interaction in the future.»

According to Lobsang Pelmo Tenzin «this was the
first time the Tibetan Community in Norway
participated in this annual event, but certainly not the last».

Photoes and text by Oystein Alme, Voice of Tibet /

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