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Tibet: China: 30 Tibetans arrested for protesting against mining

June 24, 2010

The civilians from a sub district of Namling
threw stones against ten police vehicles. Their
reaction provoked by a Chinese company that is
polluting the waterways, thereby jeopardizing drinking water.
By Asia News
June 22, 2010

Beijing (AsiaNews/Agencies) -- In a subdistrict
Namling, Shigatse Prefecture, Tibet, a group of
30 people threw stones at ten Chinese security
vehicles and were arrested. The civilian protests
began in April, when a Chinese company began work
on unspecified land in mining, adversely
affecting the groundwater and grazing animals.

"The Tibetans in the area are desperate and have
appealed to local authorities to stop mining," a
source revealed. "They explain that operations
are damaging the environmental conditions of the territory."

The extraction of resources, which started in an
area traditionally used to herd, prevents grazing
animals and has also polluted the groundwater,
thereby jeopardizing the drinking water. Repeated
protests by locals have been ignored by the civil
authorities. Instead, security forces were sent
to guard the area and to silence complaints.

"The Tibetans were so desperate that they
attacked the vehicle carrying security forces
with stones and spitting. Police responded by
firing into the air three times and arresting
several civilians. Many of them were severely
beaten ", says a second source".  Of the 30
prisoners, two were moved from the prison in
Shigatse and we do not know where they are."

The day after the arrests which took place on May
21, but were reported only yesterday evening, the
authorities visited all the houses in the area
indicating that the mining would go ahead. The
police are still patrolling streets.

On the blog an officer of the Shigatse
Public Security wrote: "More than 50 people were
arrested. It is not the first time that similar
incidents have happened in this area. Every year
there is one, but the government can not show weakness".
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