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His Holiness the Dalai Lama Japan Visit - Day 5

June 24, 2010

Tibet House Japan
June 22, 2010

Kanazawa -- His Holiness the Dalai Lama in the
fifth leg of his visit to Japan gave a public
teaching at Ishikawa Concert Hall to the crowd of
some 2000 people. His Holiness greeted the people
and in his initial remark he said that Japan
basically being a Buddhist nation, he feels
comfortable giving teaching on Buddhism here in
Japan. "I get a feeling as if I am returning to
you a part of your ancient tradition. This
feeling is not so forthcoming in the West,
because I feel every country needs to maintain
their own religion and culture." He said.

His Holiness started the teaching on Heart Sutra,
Sherab Nyingpo by saying that we all need to be
21st century Buddhist. "Buddhism should not
become a mere ceremonial exercise, we need to
study and know the meaning of the scriptures we
are reading. Heart sutra teaching is an essential
Buddhist teaching of Nalanda Sanskrit version of
Mahayana tradition. So it is important to know
the full meaning of this teaching. Therefore,
though my knowledge is limited, I have studied
this sutra and I want to share with you all." He
said and began his explanation of the Sutra.

His Holiness also suggested that Japan and China
should think of working on translation of
commentary on Heart sutra by great Indian masters
like Buddha Parita and Chandrakirti.

Questions and answers was done at the end of the
teaching, a lady related her experience of her
visit to Tibet where she witness how the Tibetans
were very kind to all the living beings, His
Holiness said that Tibetan culture is a culture
of compassion, and peace and non-violence is the
way of life in Tibet. On being asked about
leading a meaningful life, "you should help
other, if you cannot help, restrain from harming other and be honest." He said.

Speaking on science and religion, His Holiness
said Buddhism has the capacity to go along with
the science and that this is being agreed by many
scientists also. He said that science and
religion are not opposite, both can contribute
immensely for the promotion of progressive peaceful world.

His Holiness will stay in Kanazawa for one more
day and leave for Tokyo the next day.
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