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Chinese army at border

June 25, 2010

Deccan Chronicle 50 Years Ago
Deccan Chronicle
June 25, 2010

New Delhi, June 24 -- Prime Minister Nehru said
here today that there was a large build-up of
Chinese forces in Tibet "and that came to our
frontiers too" but he could not give any reliable
information "at what corners it was or where it was more or less."

Mr Nehru, who was replying to questions at a
press conference about reports of such build-up
near the Sikkim border, said that some of the
stories which appeared had no foundation in fact.
"Most of the stories, I take it, come from
refugees or odd people coming over. There may be
some little truth occasionally but they tend to get exaggerated."

Mr Nehru said that earlier there was a report
that 500 Tibetans had been pushed into Sikkim to
occupy grazing lands. He had made inquiries from
the Sikkim Government but they knew nothing about
it. They said it was just some refugees who had
come.That incident had just been exaggerated.
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